routes, routing, routed
(Pronounced [[t]ru͟ːt[/t]]u> or [[t]ra͟ʊt[/t]]u> in American English.)
1) N-COUNT A route is a way from one place to another.

...the most direct route to the town centre...

All escape routes were blocked by armed police...

Tens of thousands lined the route from Dublin airport.

2) N-COUNT: oft supp N A bus, air, or shipping route is the way between two places along which buses, planes, or ships travel regularly.

...the main shipping routes to Japan.

3) N-IN-NAMES: N num In the United States, Route is used in front of a number in the names of main roads between major cities.

From San Francisco take the freeway to the Broadway-Webster exit on Route 580.

4) N-COUNT Your route is the series of visits you make to different people or places, as part of your job. [mainly AM]

He began cracking open big blue tins of butter cookies and feeding the dogs on his route...

They would go out on his route and check him.

(in BRIT, usually use round, rounds)
5) N-COUNT: usu with supp You can refer to a way of achieving something as a route.

Researchers are trying to get at the same information through an indirect route...

Buying the best is as sure a route to success in investment as in any other field.

6) VERB: usu passive If vehicles, goods, or passengers are routed in a particular direction, they are made to travel in that direction.

[be V-ed prep/adv] Double-stack trains are taking a lot of freight that used to be routed via trucks...

[be V-ed prep/adv] Approaching cars will be routed into two lanes.

7) VERB If telephone calls or other electronic signals are routed in a particular way, the signals are sent through a particular series of connections. [TECHNICAL]

[V n prep/adv] ...plans to route every emergency call in Britain through just three telephone exchanges.

8) PHRASE: oft PHR to/from/for n En route to a place means on the way to that place. En route is sometimes spelled on route in non-standard English.

They have arrived in London en route to the United States...

One of the bags was lost en route.

on the way
9) PHRASE: oft PHR to n/-ing Journalists sometimes use en route when they are mentioning an event that happened as part of a longer process or before another event.

The German set three tournament records and equalled two others en route to grabbing golf's richest prize.

10) PHRASE: go inflects If you go the route, you do something fully or continue with a task until you have completely finished. [AM]

They have gone the route, in many cases, of just big - big bowls, big statues, big masks, big everything.

English dictionary. 2008.


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